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Does Christians no counterweight against evil in society?

The authorities have been forced to close prisons, and even RIVA prisons, people have been fashioned by Jesus transformed their lives.

Fishermen hold the balance.

Av Sven Thomsson
torsdag, 19 september 2019 19:13
We shudder when we sit in front of TV sets and see all the violence, all the debauchery, crime and so on. When we look at war with images of bleeding bodies and people crying in sorrow for killed relatives know we might pity for the moment. We say, "Oh, how terrible, terrible" when we see and hear this terrible news.

But is that all commitment we achieve? We let ourselves be satisfied with it? What are we Christians to be a counterbalance to all the evils?

I have heard of countries where the Spirit of God was about to happen. Where people fasted, wept and cried out to God for revival power. The Lord heard their prayer and seen their tears and sent the mighty revival.

The Holy Spirit has worked so powerfully that not only "ordinary decent people" have been saved, but also drunkards, drug addicts and criminals.

Salvation is so moved at the depth of these poor people, they become completely free of both vices and crime.

The authorities have been forced to close prisons, and even RIVA prisons, people have been fashioned by Jesus transformed their lives.

But what are we comfortable Christians in Sweden? Do we live so that we can form a counterweight against sin and evil? Shrugging we just on the shoulders for a while after we have seen the miserable units on the "Report" and "Current"?

We struggle in prayer against all evil, sin and defilement that abound in this country? Are we willing to sacrifice ourselves in bönekampen to achieve a different order of things. We must understand that God wants us to be "watchmen on the wall"

In Ezek. 13: 5 we find these serious and challenging words:

"You have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge for the house of Israel, so that it has been able to stand in the battle on the day of the Lord."

We also read in Ezekiel. 22:30:

"I seek among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none. "

I do not know the Lord, God can resign, but it actually looks so when he Supplied says, "but I found none." What a tragedy! The Lord expects us to stand up and get involved. He finds someone in Sweden? No, no! Most Christians asleep lukewarm sake deep sleep.

There is almost no one who would "stand in the gap" in defense of our poor fatherland and our people. The responsibility rests heavily on us Christians. We must do as Abraham. He "came closer to God" when he asked that Sodom would be saved.

It says that at the beginning of verse 2 in an old hymn by Lars Linderot:

"The obstacles are many, are resisting my soul. Satan is not grace you indulge. String up in advance of anything that would hinder your well. Abandon the world's wells.

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Vecka 9, torsdag 4 mars 2021 kl. 11:14

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“Har jag inte befallt dig att vara stark och frimodig? Var inte rädd eller förfärad, för HERREN din Gud är med dig vart än du går.”” (Joshua 1:9)

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Adrian, Adriana

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tisdag 2 mars 2021 10:25
Jesus, hjälp min vän att få den hjälp jon behöver, det krävs ett mirakel och ordna hennes ekonomiska situation. Amen

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