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My mom has stuck

Stefan Hallman's amazing book!

I recommend "My mom has been stung" by Stefan Hallman. It is a great testimony of what Jesus can do for a man.

Christer ÅbergAv Christer Åberg
lördag, 21 september 2019 01:40

"My mother has stuck" is how Stefan grew up in alcoholics with much fighting, fill, assault and when Jesus saved him.

It is a very powerful book that will not leave anyone indifferent.

From the contents

Hell at home, began with the mother ran away from home. She took the bus down to town to drink. It was so we said: "Mum has stuck."

I hated those words. I knew what it meant when Dad came home ... the memory of the bloody scenes, and the desperate cries of the mother, when she lay in a corner nersparkad and shattered.

If Dad came home and my mom smelled the least alcohol, he went berserk.

Everything would start when I got home from school. Then I felt right at me about my mom took a beer. I was as sensitive to it there as a knarkhund. If she had only taken a few sips worn I did it anyway.

Dad was the same, he sensed something was amiss immediately, and soon began to hell again.

I did not dare go home, I felt that I had to protect my mom and my three younger brothers.

Now began devil landscape. He could clap for her with a closed fist right in the face as blood spurted from her nose, she went to the floor with a crash and he started kicking her.

Amazing testimony of what Jesus can do

I recommend "My mom has been stung" by Stefan Hallman. It is a great testimony of what Jesus can do for a man.

It has among other things been serialized in the Christian newspaper The home's friend.

The book is also suitable as a evangelisationsbok.

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söndag 25 oktober 2020 12:50
Herre hjälp mej,mår mycket dåligt över att det fattas flera tussen till räkningar,vet inte vad ja ska göra,jobbar bara 75% och har 2 små barn som behöver mat o kläder,bed att jesus hjälper mej.

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