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The Lord proclaims that the end and an accident will come

In Ezekiel chapter 7, the Lord prophesies to Ezekiel and speaks of a dark time and a coming calamity. An accident that is completely unique, and alone in its kind.

Bible Prophecy.

Av Mikael Walfridsson
tisdag, 21 april 2020 12:28

The Lord proclaims that the end and an accident will come

Ezekiel 7: 5 - Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, an accident cometh, an calamity of its own kind. The end is coming, yes, the end is coming! It wakes up and comes over you. Look, it's coming!

In Ezekiel chapter 7, the Lord prophesies to Ezekiel and speaks of a dark time and a coming calamity. An accident that is completely unique, and alone in its kind. He proclaims that the deadline for man has expired, that the day is in and the end is over the four corners of the country. The Lord mentions coming plagues such as sword, plague and famine. He speaks of a state where powerlessness and anxiety prevail, where people's hands sink and knees become like water. These words do not only apply to Ezekiel's time, but are prophetic words for the time we are living and moving into.

FEMA has gained power

FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency and is a government agency in the United States that is deployed in major disasters and / or wars. For the first time in US history, all 50 states have signed a presidential disaster declaration that they are in a state of disaster. This means that it is in principle FEMA that has taken over some or more parts when it comes to making decisions in the fight against the corona virus. Among other things, proposals have been made for FEMA to monitor and control what and what goods leave the country. This means that in special events, the FEMA disaster authority takes over, and the country is then basically turned into a police state.

FEMA Camps

I have previously rewritten the way the United States seems to be preparing for major disasters in the country by establishing these "Fema Camps", which are located around the United States, which most of all resemble concentration or prison camps. Today they are empty, but they are ready to receive 100,000 tens of people in an emergency or demanding situation. The question is whether these camps will in the future be used to punish or execute people during the tribulation, who do not choose to take the mark of the beast.

When we see how countries' governments and leadership react, it is simply a general rehearsal for what is to come. As the advancement occurs, we will experience how countries are transformed into police states, where coercive laws will occur, where you will have the opportunity to punish people who do not bow to these anti-Christian laws and measures. The same fear that exists in people today will be much greater during the tribulation and you will be willing to do anything to bring peace. The only people who will not bow down are these people who are won for Christ in this turbulent time - where you give your earthly life, to win the heavenly.

Jesus is coming soon!


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fredag 14 augusti 2020 18:34
Har akut huvudvärk och illamående hela dagen, troligen från artros i nacken. Jag blev helad en gång, tack Jesus och förebedjare !

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