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The great whore of Harald Gustafsson

It is the fallen church, which is produced in this picture - the false Christianity.

The great whore of Harald Gustafsson

Two entire chapters devoted Revelation to the description of the great harlot. Hence understand that there is a significant phenomenon, which is treated in these chapters.

Av: Från boken Budskap från Uppenbarelseboken av Harald Gustafsson
fredag 06 mars 2020 22:30 📧

Harald Gustafsson was a household name and he was a Pentecostal pastor in Smyrna Church in Gothenburg in 1945 - 1967. He has written a book entitled Messages from Revelation. One of the book's chapter, entitled The Great Whore.

The great whore Up. 17 and 18

The personalized system that we encounter in Revelation, spanning a long period of time. So it is with the beast - the pagan state power, and so it is with the bride - the Church - and also with the great whore. You have to see them in their historical context. The historical perspective is necessary, if we are to understand Revelation's strange images. Two entire chapters devoted Revelation to the description of the great harlot. Hence understand that there is a significant phenomenon, which is treated in these chapters.

Who is the great whore?

It is the fallen church, which is produced in this picture - the false Christianity. This image is often used in the Bible, then adultery against God will be illustrated. The Old Testament Israel's unfaithfulness to God were called skökoväsen of the prophets. And when the New Testament Church is unfaithful to the Lord, she becomes a prostitute in his eyes.

Moderskökan can not be anyone other than the Roman Catholic papacy. This church is the mother of the other skökokyrkor on earth.

The great harlot and the bride Assembly are each other's perfect opposites. An English writer has aptly pointed out the contrasts. One represents the purity itself; the other is so unclean, that moral rottenness can make her. One is the Lamb chick; the other is associated with the Earth's wicked kings. One is wearing a brilliant white robes of righteousness; the second guise of earthly glory of purple, scarlet and gold. One is a chaste virgin; the other is the mother of harlots of the earth. One is hated and persecuted; the other is drunk with the blood of saints. The bride, we lose sight of the splendor of the glory of heaven; harlot disappear in darkness and smoke from the property's fire that consumes her.

It became the Roman Catholic harlot church was once apostlatidens bridal congregation. But waste entered and destroyed the exuberant spirit life. Priestcraft came eventually, instead of the spiritual service and spiritual gifts. And when the Emperor Constantine took the old Catholic church under the Roman government patronage, it was already ripe for the papacy.

The harlot had in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. Abominations is often the name of idolatry in Scripture. And the Roman papal idolatry is so perfectly pagan, as it can get. It is not only idolatry, it is blasphemy against God. Pope claiming God's place. He claims to be Christ's representative on earth. Leo X - the Pope who was a contemporary of Martin Luther - received divine homage. Lateran Council paid tribute to him in these words: "We highly praise your divine majesty. You are the church's husband, Prince of the Apostles, the universe lord and king. You are a shepherd and doctor. You are God. "

Another pope, Pius IX, said of himself: "I am the way, the truth and the life"

It idolatry, which is present in this church as Maria Cult and worship of saints, is nothing but the old pagan mångguderiet, which the church inherited from the pagan world and then gave a slight Christian tinge. Within the papacy Mary has supplanted both God the Father and Jesus Christ. Mary is the mediator. Yes, she is God.

Pope Church's worship and adoration of countless saints is so famous, it is needless to speak about it. Skökokyrkans golden cup full of abominations.

The lime also contained her fornication uncleanness. It aims well in the first instance of her infidelity to the ward master and her acquittal to the world's great and its princes. Her spiritual fornication being.

But the papacy also exists an abyss of moral decay. The Catholic priests have often been very fornicators. Celibacy has been their major curse.

At the Roman Catholic seminaries, a textbook of morality theology of a jesuitteolog Alphonsus Maria de Liguori. This textbook provides a detailed instruction in all kinds of immorality and immorality and sexual perversion.

The Norwegian writer Marta Steinsvik published a book of thirty years ago with the title of Saint Peters Himmelnökler. There, she reveals papal flagrant immorality in a way that made the Catholic priests absolutely furious. The book is for the most part only the quote from mainly Liguoris moral theology but also from other Catholic authors' books. These quotes was considered by the censor as obscene, that large sections of the book is covered with ink.

When the Catholic priest candidates obtaining knowledge about the immorality and sexual perversion, as this textbook thoroughly teach, they are considered to be ready for their service in Catholic confessionals.

How many thousands of women who have been seduced by the priests in the confessionals, is probably no more than God count on. The Catholic confessional has been a source of major curse in the moral respect than perhaps any other. Those who doubt the accuracy of my statements can read the aforementioned book by Marta Steinsvik or the book The priest, the woman and the confession of Charles Chiniquy, who for fifty years belonged to the Catholic Church and was a priest there.

The great whore and the beast

The beast, as we pointed out earlier, the pagan state. In this scarlet beast sat harlot. It means, first, that the government supports the harlot church. This began when Constantine exalted the Christian Church, the state religion, and it came in under the state's shelter and protection. It was the church's major accident. Admittedly ended the bloody persecution from the Government, but the church also became dependent on the state. This unfortunate position of sharing all government-supported and to some extent the state conducted the Christian churches of the Old Catholic. Later, the papacy has risen above the state. The association with the state was one of the steps of the church's dangerous skökoväg.

But the prostitute sitting on the beast also means that she sought to take the reins and lead in their hands and control the state power at his pleasure. In the Roman Catholic Church's development, we see this very clearly. The papacy took quite soon hand the initiative politically. For centuries, since princes and emperors competed to win the pope and the papal grace and favor. And they have often been the church's willing tools to perform her commands. Her power has at times been so great that both emperors and kings have been banned, if they refused to obey her. Several of medieval emperors were crowned by the Pope. The papacy acquired in every way greater political influence. The church's political influence has not yet ended. Perhaps its power will be even greater at the end of time, before the face of God's judgment.

One day, however, the beast to throw the nasty rider himself. Then her öclestimma beaten.

The great whore and the holy.

I want to emphasize that when we speak of the Roman Catholic Church, it is the system we are referring, not individuals. There have been and are still God-fearing people in this church, as well as in a Pentecostal church may be people who have fallen into spiritual skökoliv. So it's the system we're talking about. "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of saints." The papacy has shed more blood martyrs than all the cruel Roman Emperor together. It is estimated that at least fifty million martyrs killed in this church. And papal cruelty in connection with many saints martyrdom down to and including Emperor Nero's atrocities in the shade.

Inkvisationen in the Middle Ages with its instruments of torture was one of the most diabolical, invented to torment others. They were not content with simply killing their victims. Before death came as a liberator, had many of these sacred undergo the direst torture. Inquisition dungeon was beyond description horrible. Especially the Spanish inkvisationen has gained a bloody reputation. Inkvisationsdomstolarnas members appointed by the Pope.

The Roman Catholic Church is next to today neither theoretically rejected or officially abolished the Inquisition. Inkvisitionskongregationen nyorganiserades in 1908 and is still first among all this church congregations. The Pope himself is this institution prefect. This says a lot about the church's attitude toward those they call heretics.

Although the Orthodox Church in Russia, persecuted in his time such Christians in their faith differed from the church's doctrines. Many have raised their voices and hedge about over the ruthless way in which bolsehevikerna in connection with the Russian Revolution liquidated the Orthodox Church. But why not also talk about the cruel sufferings that other believers were exposed to from the church's side and their clergy. Crowds of saints have languished in Russian prisons and subjected to inhuman suffering because of this Church attitude to other believers. A strange relationship can be observed, then the church entered into a covenant with the state. Wherefore namely the state to persecute the Christians. The church took over when this bloody task. And to the extent that the public authorities have executed such persecution later, it has been the church's tools. One writer said: "Again and again, it has succeeded in this killing, the letter established orthodoxy making powers, the divine víirldsordningens tools, into a docile instrument of their thirst for blood and its persecution fury. Wherever a förvärldsligad religion skökovíisen agrees with world powers, wherever it with bewitching seduction power equipped woman climbing world power scarlet animals (Rev. 17), where we see soon the prisons open, the trunk flare and a false Christian judgment sins pile up toward heaven.

The harlot is drunk the blood of the saints.

The great harlot they

This judgment will largely be enforced by the same beast, previously carried her. In Russia, we have seen how the red communist government has plundered the Orthodox Church and almost completely crushed her. The same was repeated a few years later in Mexico. Through these examples to get an idea of ​​how it will go when vilcldjuret along with the kings of the earth will "hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire" (Rev. 17: 16 b).

One day the state will shake off all the church's influence, and instead to carry her up, it will devastate her.

It is still very judgment of God, that affects the system, which is a mockery of the church of Jesus Christ and of His work on earth. And this God's judgment on the harlot will evoke heaven rejoicing.

"Rejoice over what has happened to her, you heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for God has kept them on her, and avenged of you" (Rev. 18: 20).

In Revelation eighteenth chapter made harlot and Babylon the Great as synonymous concepts. This has puzzled some. I suppose it is the same ratio as when the bride and the New Jerusalem is prepared as the same thing. That means well that the New Jerusalem is the bride's eternal home, while the prostitute residing in Babylon the Great. There she sits like a queen, and of Babel spirit she possessed. Then, when Babylon the Great goes under, is also the harlot in the righteous judgment of God.

Amid the gloomy portrayal of the great whore, a warning signal sounds from heaven.

"And I heard another voice from heaven say:

Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. " (Rev. 18: 4).

Come out of all spiritual skökoväsen!

We are certainly very close to the time when the judgment of the harlot church is to be enforced. As we also know, that the time is approaching for the marriage of the Lamb. May we be unswervingly faithful to our heavenly Bridegroom, so we are pleased to meet him when he comes!

He's coming soon! Be ready!

Från boken Budskap från Uppenbarelseboken av Harald Gustafsson

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