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The cashless conspiracy - Foreword

Cash users portrayed as Small infants who do not know their own good.

The cashless conspiracy by Cash Only.

Four large "cashless Monsters" (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club) has been allowed to get a crushing predominance of the West's payments. It is not only kontantlösheten itself that is negative but also the economic system that is behind this.

Av CashOnly
onsdag 2 oktober 2019 18:38

I will now publish the Cashless conspiracy of "Cash Only" serialized here on Apg29. The book may not be based on the Bible and the Christian faith, but it is very interesting in view of the global economic society of control as Revelation 13 describes.

Christer Åberg


Here treated cashless phenomena such as credit cards, cashless mobile payments and progress towards implants and electronic tattoos. The evidence suggests that the future of the body near the electronics through the identification and information will serve as both credit cards, driver's licenses, passports, cards and so on. Each non cashless application also means it most likely that the user (except for the negative with all this technology) that in the future he gets into the cashless pitfall. For this reason, the book tries to give a broad holistic view of the body near the electronics. Kontantlösheten are the backbone of what is usually called big brother society.

Current common cashless payments are roughly divided to do with either credit cards, cell phones or the Internet. Often it is the case of a combination of these. Corresponding banks are Internet banks, mobile banks and telephone banks. The increased use of these banks took as a pretext to reduce the cash. Even else that might be of interest in this context than kontantlöshet addressed. For example, ATMs, cash, cash transport, banks, and last but not least cash. Everything depends namely together. A long-term trend has been less and less the amount paid by cashless option. From cashless point of view, the small payments been an Achilles heel. Payment between individuals (peer-to-peer payments) are also more and more with mobile phones and other means.

The emphasis here is on US and Sweden as well as several other countries covered in the book. Account cards' extreme negativity is reinforced by the United States has a grotesque cards dominance in the West. The national credit card companies outside the United States (which are also strongly negative) does even more damage when they finally eaten up by any American card giant. This has given birth to globalization and brought the world one step closer to a cashless payment monopolies. Here, MasterCard has had a special position because it directly or indirectly devoured both Eurocard (Sweden) and Mondex (UK).

The book is divided into sections and pieces of various length and content to give the reader a change and not tired of excessive coherent text. The book alternates between the two main red wires. The development of the cashless society and the forces or individuals, mainly in Sweden and the US that affected the cashless direction or resisted it. This is mixed with criticism, tips for resistance and argument against the cashless society and the argument for cash. There are many benefits with cash. They allow anonymous purchases that are not traceable, no third party is involved and individuals can freely and without control give money to each other. Most people are honest. But the cashless establishment treats everyone as if they were criminals.

The fact that private foreign cashless business with the state and the blessing of the authorities should be allowed to replace the national government cash currency is purely perverse. Everyone would have to see the absurdity and downright dangerous to all food and energy would be produced entirely outside of Sweden, and the power of it would give to the producing countries. But increased kontantlöshet seen wrongly as a healthy development. This is backed by most of the establishment. The worse if it is about a single producing country. Regarding kontantlöshet's so when Sweden basically already the payment terms enslaved in the United States. An ongoing cashless globalizing trend paves the way for a possible bleak future.

The excessive raw argument is without comparison the most hackneyed argument for credit cards and kontantlöshet. You meet in real life and not thinking and intelligent people who just this one false arguments sake is prepared to sacrifice his future freedom by using credit cards. This book motargumenterar powerful raw argument. Cashless option is always tainted by charges except perhaps for a limited time. This is pure waste and is itself a kind of "slow robbery". Cash has no fees.

Cash is technically robust, requires no technical infrastructure is sound decentralized and secure. The cashless systems are particularly vulnerable. To access the cash surplus must

simply take those seven five hundred patches located in the third drawer in the gray socks of a particular person and burn them with a cigarette lighter. Kontantlöshet beds for global payment disasters. Such can not happen with cash. Cash is a safety and security.

This book is intended as pieces of a puzzle or a mosaic that eventually provides a historical, present and possible future black picture of kontantlösheten. There is no "white" kontantlöshet. Everything is black. The sources used here to show kontantlöshetens "bright black substance" include Wikipedia, newspaper articles, teletext and easily accessible information on the Internet that can be easily found even without references for those who want to know more. Pure literature kontantlöshet that has been used as the source is the book the house of cards of Daniel Goldberg and Linus Lars Petersson.

The discussion of cash and kontantlöshet in Sweden is extremely skewed to the downside in cash. Protests against kontantlöshet and cash available but very seldom from the community of people and businesses. It is as if the law would have only one prosecution side and no defense. In the dock sits cash. The only defense available is the lawyer's briefcase standing there sad and silent. Any lawyer appears however not to. But maybe there is a little lawyer in the case. He is probably not greater than Teskedsgumman. But let's release the little lawyer so that he can eat big and bold. Let protests in Sweden against kontantlöshet grow strong.

Another comparison is that the referendum on nuclear power had only been an option. Strong expansion. Moreover, the population is not allowed to vote even yes or no to this because society has already decided that nuclear power (read kontantlösheten) will eventually take over all other energy. People have in the case of cash and kontantlöshet nothing to say. But a referendum would be in this case idiotic. You can not vote to impose the dictatorship (total kontantlöshet) or retain democracy (cash). Dictatorship should never be selected.

If the Soviet Union could have been had wanted to make the world communist. It was mildly not been something the United States and its population had welcomed. You should not force the country's political and financial systems. Now the moral. But when the US is trying to impose on the rest of the world a cashless and financial system which is too few protesters. It is no difference at all to the force of world communism. Kontantlösheten is not really about having a plastic card in your wallet. It is basically something far more insidious and profound. In addition, the US kontantlöshetens genomruttne king without any similar example in the world.

Banks översittaraktiga attitude is often that it's about maturity to start using credit cards. Cash users portrayed as Small infants who do not know their own good. Finally ripen them in the Bank's approach and may themselves use the potty, which corresponds to the credit card. Facts and common sense show instead that it is about maturity and sense of resistance and refuse to use credit cards. It is enough with a basic analysis and limited facts gathering to discover that the whole thing rather about banks' greed and avarice.

Even very young children have choice. They can decide for themselves whether they want to eat or not when the food is offered. Decide if they want to play with the ball or rattle. But Swedish adults are allowed in the length not to choose cash. The stroller is rather a grown man with hairy long legs sticking out. The kontantlöse parent waiting without patience on the "child" to start playing with a dangling toy consisting of composite blades. The razor blades are credit cards.

During the period from 50 century to 80 century, Sweden was still Sweden regardless of whether it was a social democratic or socialist government that ruled. The country still imbued with the welfare, security, neutrality and independence. Then everything started to get worse. Independence disappeared more and more, not least in financial terms. The odious globalization also brought our country into a firm stranglehold. The economy became more and more cashless.

Riksbank praised the privatization trend but it only resulted in disasters like Panaxia scandal and helicopter robbery. The fees for the bank-owned cash management chockhöjdes. There have been so absurd increases 1200 percent. Banks continued to complain loudly on the expensive

management even though they themselves are largely to blame. During this time, became the bank branches also cashless in a frightening pace. The trade and the banks are complaining loudly about how expensive cash payments when in fact, we consumers through economic toppings pay this.

The edge of avgrundsdjupets bottom was reached in the alliance government. Cash management slaughtered almost completely on the altar of privatization. Since Sweden has slowly continued to slide in the bottom mud down towards the total cashless disaster. An investigation under the alliance government treated only cash cycle and not people's right to such deposit and withdraw money in the bank. Some long-term choice between cash and cards does not seem to be allowed.

The subsequent red-green government accepted all the same invitation to dialogue from one of the main representatives of the criticism of the overall kontantlöshet. A minister discussed by this invitation to all interested parties. This time, even the kontantlöskritiska representatives to be with such security industry and the whole of Sweden must live. It was also riksdagssak of cash. But any healthy and vigorous turnaround regarding cash policy unfortunately could not be discerned. The just mentioned critic towards total kontantlöshet has demonstrated the solution of the problem when he writes that the state must take back responsibility for the cash.

Some studies have shown that as many as eight out of ten people want the cash management process will increase. Banks say the illogical protect customers by removing the cash while the customers, in turn, almost begging to get to have them there. People will have in no way prevented the cashless establishment from completely slaughter the cash system. With cashless establishment meant primarily the Riksbank, three major banks, card companies and a very big part of politics, business and the media. In addition, some former pop idol. With the help of lies, half-lies and exaggerations have led the Swedish people for a ride. Behind them, among other things, the US financial world with its huge banks and credit card companies.

Four large "cashless Monsters" (Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club) has been allowed to get a crushing predominance of the West's payments. It is not only kontantlösheten itself that is negative but also the economic system that is behind this. In some social systems and many countries look to it as something positive that the economy will run amok without restrictions. It is seen as a healthy self-governing system. This should rather be compared to some celebrity junkie so hard that they sometimes teetering on the brink of death.

The book's title despite not about conspiracy theories. If you want to improve themselves in these theories is a river of information elsewhere. It would be a lie to say that this book is objective. It is highly subjective and personal. It is meant as a fervent call for struggle against an ailing financial system where kontantlösheten is the essence. Objectivity is in place here in a broad evidence base. It is wrong to try to find the benefits of something that is fundamentally negative. This book is a call to grab the last straw.

There are several reasons that the book came to be. But the biggest reason and the straw that broke the camel's back was that most of the banks are no longer allowed cash in the bank and were cashless. If the majority of banks still had permitted us to withdraw money in the bank so had this book does not become. It has been both enjoyable and meaningful to write the book. But another great motivator for writing has also been anger and frustration over the behavior of a hypocritical and simplistic cashless venues. The author wishes to be informed, and many arguments inspire an avalanche resistance kontantlöshet in Sweden.

The cashless trends and developments from the cash goes so incredibly fast. Only at the end of the work of a book, important things happen that do not come with the book. The author regrets about some important things to come in this book. But one must also stop writing at the appropriate time. How fun and rewarding it is to write a book, it is because the aim that as many as possible to read it.

Kontantlösheten the unprecedented worst social disease in world history. Fully connected with ideological vomiting, boils, mucus, pus, red eyes and internal bleeding. Fanatical people who want to spread kontantlöshet is like a plague that brings together a really great GOB in the mouth and then spit and sneeze an uninfected directly in the face. Instead of help but spit or apologize it waits patiently kontantlöse to be thanked. Even people who really negative to kontantlöshet see it "as written in the stars" because they think it's pointless to even try to fight it. This book wants to show that it can and should fight against the cashless society.

The book was completed at the turn of 2015/16. Written with joy somewhere in Sweden. The book is dedicated to all Swedish children embellish life for us adults. It is not written for the children to read it, but to do something that they have a future as a free people as long as possible.

To be continued.

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