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Praying to Mary is unbiblical

The Catholic Church is very far in terms of elevation of Mary and hence also far from what the Bible says about her.

Praying to Mary is unbiblical

Pope spreads incense before a statue of Mary and baby Jesus.

In the teaching of the apostles and the New Testament is not out of the teachings that developed around Mary, then we can designate them as unbiblical.

Av: Holger Nilsson
onsdag 20 november 2019 16:41 📧

Denna artikel är ett läsarmejl/gästblogg vilket innebär att åsikterna är skribentens egna!

This doctrine has its roots in pagan worship of the Queen of heaven

Therefore, it is an unsound doctrine received and should be revealed clearly. There's history through a worship in different cultures and in occultism of the "Queen of Heaven". Farthest back can be traced back to Nimrod's wife, Semiramis. Having brought her son Tammuz, she called for both queen of the heavens and the godmother. (1 Num. 10: 8-9).

Just the name "queen of heaven" is the Catholic Church, a name given to Mary. When you then see all these statues of Mary and a young child, so is the image of Nimrod's wife and son a copy of them.

The idea of ​​gudamodern the child has lived on in different cultures. The cult transfer to the Catholic Church believes some scientists descended from the 300-century and was born in Egypt where they worshiped Isis with her son Horus. The resemblance is striking. See picture.

In The New Encyclopedia Britannica, one can take note of the following facts: "Veneration of the mother of God received a boost when the Christian Church became the [Roman] empire church under Constantine and Gentiles in masses streamed into the church. ... Their piety and religious consciousness had for several thousand years, shaped by worship of 'the Great Mother' and 'divine virgin', a development that led originated from the old folk religions of Babylonia and Assyria. "

Here, we can see where this worship of the mother goddess descended from pagan religions, that is not the word of God, but from paganism. Only this fact should be an eye-opener, and that ends up with the worship of Mary,

The Catholic Catechism says that Mary is over all, but the Bible says that Jesus is: "They are the fathers, and of whom Christ has come as a human being, who is over all, God blessed for ever. Amen. "Rome. 9 to 5.

This is very remarkable and revealing that the Catholic Church teaches contrary to the Bible - this one should be enough to leave this church. How much you try to conceal what is so obvious, it's just futile attempts to not want or can not see what is obvious to an outside observer that just compare what the Bible says and what the Catholic Church teaches.

It is not the desire criticism as of this writing, it is in the hope that people who belong to this church and other Christian having his eyes open. Have you prayed to Mary, asking God for forgiveness.

Jesus answered, "It is written: The Lord your God shall you worship and him alone shall you serve." Lk. 4: eighth

Praying to Mary is an unscriptural teaching

Would we reproduce everything Catechism says about Mary, we would have to resort to large space for it. It could be done without that we would find support for the claim in the Bible, then we do not take to heart this. We need instead to be on call in 1 Corinthians. 4: 6. "For you to learn the rule when it comes to us not to go beyond what the Scripture says."

If you go to New Testaments teaching one finds not all attributed to Mary. We do not find at any point that the apostles taught Mary Catholic Church does. We therefore reject these teachings because they are not founded on Scripture.

The teachings were not in the first centuries. It is only after a few centuries as they begin to emerge, the Council of Nicaea in 325, then in Ephesus 431 transforms the human Mary the Mother of God. Then she gets different names förebedjerska, continuous virgin, sinless, nådeförmedlerska and co-redeemers.

The Catholic Church is very long in terms of elevation of Mary and hence also far from what the Bible says about her. In paragraph 969 of the Catholic Catechism says this: "This maternity of Mary in the order of grace began with the consent she gave in faith at the Annunciation and which she undoubtedly clung to the cross. When she ascended to heaven, she left not his redemptive mission. It will continue without interruption until all featured perfected forever. Through its manifold intercession she frustrates us the gifts of eternal salvation .... Therefore the Blessed Virgin is invoked as Advocate, Patroness, helping to drain and convey drain. "

This is attributed to Mary "his redemptive mission." It is Jesus, only Jesus, who has been the saving mission. It says Catholics that Mary also has it. This is an add-on to what God's word says.

Compare this with God's clear message: "Neither is there salvation, and the sky is no other name that people have through which we must be saved." Acts. 4:12

The same point can be well beyond what the scriptures say when you say: "Therefore invoked the Blessed Virgin" Jesus taught us how to pray: "And whatever you ask in my name I will do, that the Father should be glorified in the Son. "John. 14:13. It is after Jesus' instructions, not the Catholic Church's catechism, which we must follow when we pray.

Mary was born without sin is also a supplement that has been done in the Catholic Church, the Bible says that all people have sinned (Rom. 3:23). This is stated as recently as a dogma year 1854th

Still later, the church held that Mary taken up into heaven, body and soul, this happened in 1950 on All Saints' Day ruled the then Pope Pius XII, the Catholic Church's teaching on Mary's admission to heaven. It was created with the following creed to Mary: "Virgin resistant, having finished his earthly life course, body and soul entered into the heavenly glory."

We have a document that reproduces the Pope's proclamation in 1950 and it is especially noteworthy that the Supplement made directly after this new doctrine established as the Catholic doctrine said the following about anyone, "voluntarily would dare to deny or doubt that we have defined, the he was told that he completely fallen from the divine and Catholic faith. "

Yes, one is amazed at this threat and clarify the spirit of the Pope here do after that established this doctrine, that you then have fallen away from the divine and Catholic faith. Firstly, there is no divine faith, it can not be found in the word of God, so therefore it is rather the opposite, that it has fallen from the divine throne if one affirms this doctrine, the law in 1950. That one will fall from the Catholic faith should instead be referred to as a healthy sign not to be transgressed, without absconds unbiblical doctrines, which the Bible calls us to do.

For the Catholic who put their faith in this church must be difficult with these threats do not accept this human learning. Perhaps it makes you scared to believe in this and remain in this church, then well this papal statement received his order to bind the people even more to this church and unbiblical teachings.

Are you a Catholic, break with this, ask for forgiveness and experience the gospel delectable and healthy liberation and freedom in Jesus Christ.

Prayer to Mary is unbiblical

Mary's center in the Catholic Church is very real and the very worst thing is that this obscures Jesus, the Son of God, Savior of the world. It is about 400 years after the Christian Church began at Pentecost that Maria is changing from being an ordinary man with a divine mission, to become the queen of the heavens, and other additional names.

It's from the cult that the tradition of Mary and child statues have propagated into the Catholic Church.

This is a tradition that emerged over the centuries in the Catholic Church. Therefore, there is no authority for this human tradition. Our Christian faith is based on the authority of Scripture and the teaching of the apostles, and which illuminates the exaltation of Mary by their absence. Therefore, we can boldly liberate us from its teachings about Mary.

In the teaching of the apostles and the New Testament is not out of the teachings that developed around Mary, then we can designate them as unbiblical.

The Catholic Church began with a small deviation from the Bible's teachings in this area. It is to pull a line that branches off from the straight line will be farther away from the origin, the more that line is drawn. So it has been with the teachings on Mary in the Catholic Church.

This is not written to condemn individual Catholics. You grow up in such a tradition of the Catholic Church, it is easy to be blinded to the wrong with this doctrine. This written can be seen as a tool for Catholics to break this unhealthy learn and experience the whole direction of Jesus, the one who saves, and thus we should pray to God.

It is with sadness that we note that the Catholic Church is a church with several unbiblical teachings, one of which is the cult of Mary. Actually, in many ways, Mary loftier than his son, Jesus, this says everything about how wrong you can get.

It is not just to be ecumenical tolerant and pure kindness let this unsound approach of Maria bypassed. We have freedom of speech and that we can use to help Catholics to get away from the unhealthy teachings about Mary.

What we here have written about the Catholic Church should each course to do this way. A fact is that the Catholic Church and its teachings were considered obvious to reveal. So obvious that in schools for about a hundred years ago as part of the education of school children. How much more should we not in the churches framework be clear about what the Catholic Church stands for, while then in state textbooks felt this would be a part of education in schools.

We will quote the Textbook in the history of the fatherland of C. T Odhner. This textbook was used for many decades for the education of school children. So this explains the Catholic faith that had been the prevailing before the Reformation of the Catholic doctrines and institutions: "The Christian faith was preached to our ancestors, were not the pure Christianity, such that there is produced in the Scriptures, but the Catholic doctrine. This was during the course of time become mixed with many human inventions. They worshiped not the Triune God alone, but also, and perhaps even more, "Mother of God" (Virgin Mary and the saints. Ie, God-fearing people who after his death became regarded as sacred and worshiped as deities. It is also believed that the Pope of Rome was Christ governor of the earth and of the whole Church of the lord, therefore obey all his commandments, and called him "the Holy Father". If anyone dared to oppose him, he was punished with excommunication, ie excluded from the fellowship of the church of worship and the sacraments. "End quote Odhner.

If this article is critical of the Catholic Church, it is the right one. Actually, the criticism is quite mild in comparison to what men of God throughout history have been. Not everyone is aware that such big names as Wyckliff, Huss, Luther, Calvin, Melanchthon, Knox, Tyndale, John and Charles Wesley felt that the papacy is the great harlot as described in Revelation, read chapter 17. It speaks of God the judgment of the harlot.

Many of the Protestant churches also included this in their confessions. How can we in our time overlook this? How can we go in alliance with Catholic for the wide ecumenical movement's sake? It is time for us in the end-time waste, understand the clarity of our predecessors had and also realize our compromise.

We need to obey God and His Word more than be silent and accept this church with its unbiblical teachings. How else can we say we believe in God's word and think that this church is only one of all the other churches?

Holger Nilsson

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