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Jesus is the Son of God

→ The healed man began to believe that Jesus was more than a prophet. Jesus himself told the man that he is the Son of God.

Christer Åberg.

Den oönskade har blivit önskad – del 1

→ Ur-Baptistisk Pingst brev 149.

Christer Åberg.

Den oönskade har blivit önskad – del 2

→ Ur-Baptistisk Pingst brev 150.

The Bible clearly speaks of the Trinity

→ Can not be misunderstood!

USA:s president har blivit permanent avstängd från Twitter

Donald Trump twittrar inte mer

→ USA:s president har blivit permanent avstängd från Twitter

Bright figure in a photo from the late 60's

→ "It's something heavenly!"

När även kristen media stängs ned - finns det då någon kvar som kan tala för den?

→ Sen kom de och tog mig - och nu fanns det ingen kvar som kunde tala för mig.

Sun, clouds.

Before Jesus can return, this must happen

→ Can Jesus return in 2021?

The Longest Night and The Unwanted.

The Longest Night and The Unwanted

→ Christmas gift tips!

A man with binoculars.

Christmas carols and the hope of corona times

→ Jesus gives us a future and a hope.

The Nordic Department threatens civil war if SD takes power

→ The party presents the declaration of war on Youtube.

God is one

→ God is one and he is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In the front seat.

The program In the front seat a viewer success

→ - This series is not about drawing people to the channel but to Jesus, says Per Åkvist.


Mer än åtta personer i allmän sammankomst och offentlig tillställning förbjuds

→ Från och med 24 november får maximalt åtta personer delta på en allmän sammankomst och offentlig tillställning i Sverige. Förbudet gäller i fyra veckor.

Konspirationsteorier på Apg29.

Konspirationsteorier på Apg29

→ Konspirationer finns visserligen, men en hel del konspirationer som framförs i kommentarerna håller jag verkligen inte med om. Förkunna om Jesus istället - det vinner du i längden på!

Therese Basourus Ivarsson In the front seat - Diagnosed with MS for 17 years, today miraculously healthy

→ "Therese was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, MS. The medical certificate says incurable, but she experienced a miracle when Jesus healed her."

Korset är segerplatsen

Maskrosfrön blåser iväg uppåt.

Uppryckandet före vedermödan

→ Det finns bibelställen som talar för, att hämtandet sker FÖRE vedermödan.

President Donald Trump.

USA-valet: Har media ännu inte lärt sig något?

→ Förra gången liksom nu räknade media bort Trump och hade fel. Nu räknar de bort honom igen och har lika fel!

Muslimsk terrorattack på sex platser i Wien

→ Det rapporteras om många döda och sårade. En av terroristerna har också utlöst en självmordsbomb.

Who is winning?

→ Is it Trump or Biden who wins tonight? Comment!

The only one who carries is Jesus - Christer Åberg In the front seat on Himlen TV7

→ The program is well done and has a very strong touching testimony of Jesus.


The Muslim creed is about an extra-biblical god

→ The Muslim wrongly confesses that Allah is God.

Donald Trump sjuk i Covid-19. Bild:

Donald Trump sjuk i Corona

→ En del är oroliga hur sjuk han egentligen är. Kan han styra USA som president? 

Black Lives Matter burns Bibles.

Black Lives Matter burns Bibles

→ This time is not only troubling but also prophetic.

Tegnértornet in Gränna - Incredible views!

Tegnértornet in Gränna - Incredible views!

→ See the view and hear Christer Åberg's hallelujah call and quick proclamation to receive Jesus and be saved!


Hur går en biblisk vigsel till?

→ Eller kan man gifta sig hur som helst? 

War. - We live in the time of the seven birth pains.

We live in the time of the seven birth pains

→ Actually, there is no need for any more revelations about what is going to happen in our world today. No man needs to appear as a prophet and say that this and that will happen. Jesus has already prophesied about it

Eu superstat.

The result of the decision in Brussels: the EU becomes a superstate

→ Then we warned of a coming superstate. Now the headline in Aftonbladet is a confirmation of that, 18 years later - but better late than never.

Bible Study.

The Old Testament says that God has a son

→ "Out of Egypt I called my son." 

Social Media.

Do not forget to preach to the unsaved online

→ Now that the congregations and churches are going online in corona times, they must not miss the message of salvation about Jesus Christ for the unsaved.

Man with knife.

Prohibit murder

→ All kinds of murders should be banned!

China is forcing poor Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus and instead worship images of communist leaders so as not to lose their social benefits.

China forces poor Christians to renounce faith in Jesus and instead worship images of communist leaders so as not to lose their social benefits

→ In the midst of the corona pandemic, Christians are forced to renounce Jesus and instead believe in the Communist Party.

Are you saved if you sin?

Are you saved if you sin?

→ Belief in Jesus saves, but if you still sin?

Swedes are prosecuted for violating the Estonia Act

→ Such a law is quite practical if you want to hide the truth.

The unwanted.

My second book: The Unwanted

→ The story that is absolutely true is very strong and poignant and leaves no one untouched.

The most read articles in the Day Sunday 28 June 2020.

There is nothing but Knutby

→ Since we are busy with the genuine, we do not have to give our power and energy to the false. 

Jorden med ansiktsmask.

Livet efter Corona

→ Världen är förmodligen förändrad för alltid.

Den oönskade - Ny gripande bok av Christer Åberg.

Den oönskade - Ny gripande bok av Christer Åberg

→  Jag trodde aldrig att jag skulle berätta den här berättelsen, i varje fall inte just nu. 

Folkmord på kristna i Nigeria.

Folkmord på kristna i Nigeria

→ Kristna är idag världens mest förföljda grupp. Anledningen: De tror på Jesus som Världens Frälsare

Ring of fire.

Eldring på himlen – Församlingens bröllopsring

→ Den 21 juni kommer vi att uppleva en ringformig solförmörkelse på himlen, som syns från delar av Östafrika, Indien och Kina.

Kim Clement prophesies about Donald Trump 2007.

Will the 2007 prophecy of Donald Trump come true?

→ Prophecy from 2007: Trump is to be a serving president - in two terms!

Picture from the magazine Dagen.

Christian publishers bought six

→ The sex purchase happened in November before he was hired by the current employer who has now fired him.

Is there 666 in the corona vaccine?

Is there 666 in the corona vaccine?

→ What does the Bible say?

Sky, clouds, sun.

The ascension of Jesus proves that he is God

→ The Bible says that Jesus who was taken up to heaven is God!

The Kiruna earthquake a time sign?

The Kiruna earthquake a time sign?

→ It is the largest quake ever recorded in Sweden.

Hanok (Enok).

Hanok's promotion

→ God fetched him!

Bible Prophecy.

The Lord proclaims that the end and an accident will come

→ In Ezekiel chapter 7, the Lord prophesies to Ezekiel and speaks of a dark time and a coming calamity. An accident that is completely unique, and alone in its kind.

North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-Un seriously ill.

North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-Un seriously ill

→ He is reported to be ill after surgery.


Space creatures flee the earth because of the corona virus

→ Several conspiracy theories are now thriving in the wake of the corona pandemic. 

Saved from the verdict

Saved from the verdict

→ For as long as the time of the congregation lasts here on earth, grace applies. Now anyone can come to Jesus and be saved!

Birds, sunset. 

See him coming!

→ But see he will our Savior Jesus Christ the Lamb's wedding awaits us!

Coronavirus and a man at a window.

Corona virus's place on the death list

→ What place is the corona virus at ten in the top death list this year?

A person with anxious eyes and face mask.

Jesus judges no one

→ Therefore, the corona pandemic is not a judgment of God.

Dagarna då Jesu kropp låg i graven

Dagarna då Jesu kropp låg i graven

→ När Jesus var död och hans kropp låg i graven tre dagar och tre nätter så var Jesus högsta grad levande och aktiv i den andliga världen!

Prophets and Corona.

Prophets and Corona

→ Now, let's look at what the New Testament prophets have for the role and task of the Bible.

David Wilkerson's Prophecy on Corona Pandemic 1986.

David Wilkerson's Prophecy on Corona Pandemic 1986

→ I see a plague coming over the world. and bars, churches and governments shut down. 

The drugs and porn surfing increases the corona pandemic. 

The drugs and porn surfing increases the corona pandemic

→ The enforced isolation causes great impact on many people 

Government requests more power to stop the virus.

Corona virus: Government requesting more power

→ This is really dangerous dangerous! Is this the first step towards a dictatorship?

Between 100 000 and 240 000 deaths in the United States?

→ But China has less casualties?

Adam-time before the eternal heavenly.

Adam-time before the eternal heavenly

Israel uses the Bible's guidelines to protect themselves against coronavirus.

Israel uses the Bible's guidelines to protect themselves against coronavirus

→ No nation on earth has come close to the measures Israel imposed to protect yourself!

Monitoring Society of coronavirus track

Monitoring Society of coronavirus track

→ In coronavirus tracks we clearly see how the Biblical control and surveillance society is built.

Rodney Howard-Browne.

The preacher Rodney Howard-Browne can be sentenced to prison for crimes against corona laws

→ Risk of being sentenced to up to 60 days in prison and a fine of $ 500.

Life.Church Online. 

People are saved in the corona times

→ 15000 people saved in meetings online.

Mormon Church.

Prophesied John Paul Jackson of coronavirus and a global pandemic?

→ We're many years into the past to find something similar to what we are experiencing right now. 

Corona: Nazi Germany humanity resurrected.

Corona: Nazi Germany mankind is resurrected

→ There were those who seriously believed that Nazi Germany humanity would never come back. But now in these times corona shows once again its ugly head!


Come to Jesus again

→ What you lost, you can pick up again. Come to Jesus and sit at his feet.

Jesus' return - humanity's only salvation.

Jesus' return - humanity's only salvation

→ After all 300 words of Jesus' first coming were fulfilled, should that not all prophecies about His return take place? 

Handicapped singing Thank you Lord for all your blessings on me!

Handicapped singing Thank you Lord for all your blessings on me!

→ A very tearful and touching video! A disabled man singing and thank the Lord for all his blessings!

Asterix and the big race.

Prophesies Asterix in 2017 of coronavirus?

→ In the comic book Asterix and the big race from 2017 known as one of the contestants for the coronavirus.

National Day of Prayer announced by President Donald Trump

National Day of Prayer announced by President Donald Trump

→ The reason is to save America from the Corona virus.

Corona - pandemic.

Corona: A dead - Pandemic - Large Collections prohibited

→ Corona virus is now classified as a pandemic, collections of over 500 prohibited, which means that churches also suffer.

God is not called Allah.

God is not called Allah

→ Allah is not God of the Bible is revealed also in the Muslim creed.

Max von Sydow in The Man from Nazareth.

Max von Sydow death - played Jesus in George Stevens man from Nazareth

→ The film is the most expensive bible movie ever produced.


Jesus is a real man

→ Jesus is the real man. Strong through his humility and love.

The harlot and the beast.

The great whore of Harald Gustafsson

→ It is the fallen church, which is produced in this picture - the false Christianity.

Government lowers wages coronavirus track.

The cause of the Corona-fright Revealed

→ The government wants to cut wages!

Corona virus clears the air.

Corona virus clears the air

→ In eastern and central China are nitrogen dioxide from factories, power plants and vehicles, decreased by 10 to 30 percent.

Petrol pump handle.

Corona lowers gasoline

→ Petrol price was 30 cents cheaper today.

God sends no judgments.

God sends no judgments

→ Instead, he sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to our earth!

Corona virus.

Corona virus' lethality is exaggerated

→ Most people who are infected develop mild symptoms of the common cold, fever and respiratory symptoms, and recover quite quickly.


Paging on Apg29

→ Is it needed?

Coronavirus - masks.

Corona virus' lethality

→ Those who have died in China has had an average age of 79 years.

Is it God or newspaper Dagen that control? - Regarding bönekonferensen in Solna.

Is it God or newspaper Dagen that control? - Regarding bönekonferensen Nordic countries call while in Solna

→ I get pensive, when it occurs, for it sweeps aside your feet on everything I previously thought of as pronounced as if it "came from God."

Coronaviruset – en kommande global pandemi?

Coronaviruset – en kommande global pandemi?

→ Men varför händer allt detta just nu, och är det ett tidstecken som pekar på att vi är på väg mot vedermödans tid?

Aftonbladet om Marie och Joels död.

Aftonbladet om Marie och Joels död

→ "Jag säger att mamma är i himlen"

The cabin of the animals.

So I did greenscreenen cottage with animals

→ Someone asked if my dog, no, it's made with green screen!

Researchers come with breathtaking doomsday message.

Researchers come with breathtaking doomsday message

→ Now scientists have discovered a real threat to millions of people on earth.

Svenskamerikanen Armand Duplantis tog världsrekord i stavhopp på 6 meter och 17 centimeter.

Armand Duplantis tog världsrekord i stavhopp på 6 meter och 17 centimeter

→ Men vårt hopp som tror på Jesus är mycket större!

An animal grave in Axamo outside Jönköping.

Will all the crocodiles, snakes, flies, spiders, lions, tigers, elephants, sharks, and fish to heaven?

→ Our logical mind comprehends bad quickly that this can not be right.

A beggar rings.

A beggar rings

→ Do you let yourself be fooled and deceived? 


Hacker Attempt on Apg29

→ It has been repeated hacking attempts on Apg29 as SQL injections.

Corona virus.

Corona virus: 252 has recovered

→ All who become ill do not die!

Sweden's rise and fall.

Sweden's rise and decline - Part 2

→ One can say that we have experienced both Sweden's rise and fall.


"The measure is heaped"

→ How is God when the measure is heaped in Sweden?


Perform or live?

→ The law (religious / own cleverness) says - do. Jesus says - Made.

Buddhist Monks at sea.

Buddha's teachings and religion could not save a Buddhist monk in Myanmar

→ "I became weaker and weaker, fell unconscious and left the body and died."


Vi stänger in i våra kyrkor medan folket som behöver Jesus går förbi utanför

→ Man låser in sig i kyrkorna och ber om en väckelse som aldrig kommer. Man har hållit på med detta i hela min frälsningstid. 

A woman and Jesus talk by a well.

If you knew the gift of God

→ Many people today live in total ignorance about God and life that He offers.

The Rich Man and Lazarus.

The man in hell

→ Read this and see the well-made movie about Jesus' story of the rich man and Lazarus. The story is no comparison. It really happened.

Priests on parade.

It is not biblical to women priests

→ - And not men either!

The ten Commandments.

What happened to Moses's body?

→ But what happened to Moses's body before it was buried? Scripture says anything about it? 

Holger Nilsson and Christer Åberg.

Holger Nilsson talks with Christer Åberg of the conflict the United States - Iran

→ Will there be a third world war now?

Write Itching

Write Itching

→ Here you can discuss about everything under the sun, or just write us!

Evangelist with the Bible.

If you want to talk about Jesus and how to be saved?

→ Do this on Apg29 or start your own salvation blog!

Great War between the US and Iran? 

Will the great war between the US and Iran?

→ The US rocket attack could lead to a major war in the Middle East, says Rouzbeh Parsi, Middle East expert at the UI.

Girl reading the bible. 

Which Bible should I choose?

→ KJV or the King James Bible in Swedish?

Raising hands

Does the Bible say that we should fold your arms and close your eyes when we pray?

→ Or is the most common way that we ask the unbiblical?

Sun, birds. 

19 degrees January 2, 2020 in Norway

→ Global warming is one reason, according to researchers. 

What do you think about Apg29?

→ So here on the last day, I would like to know what you think of

The terrorist bombings in 2019

→ 336 bombings in 2019 in Sweden. How many of them were carried out by terrorists? 

Islamic woman in front of a bright window opening.

Persecution of Christians in Nigeria

→ The reason that Christians are persecuted in Nigeria's Islamist oppression.

Gosta Karlsson - The last years

Prophetically for 2020: The last few years - Gösta Karlsson

→ Prophetic teaching of Gösta Karlsson

Mobile - our time, sir.

Mobile - our time lord

→ Now it's time to focus on a new national disease.

A prisoner in the middle shot dead while the other ten beheaded.

Christians beheaded on Christmas Day

→ Morden proves once again that Christians are the most persecuted group. 

You get to heaven if you commit suicide?

You get to heaven if you commit suicide?

→ Norwegian Princess Martha-Louise's ex-husband Ari Behn has committed suicide at the age of 47.

The Bible should not be read as a book of the law but as a nådebok.

Jesus fulfilled the Law

→ Are we to accomplish it? 

dandelion Seeds

Sister Zipporah and Rachael's vision of rapture

→ "Why do you, why hurry you do not evangelism? Can not you see? There's no more time!"

Danielle Gabriel.

Warning to false prophets

→ Beware siblings from legalistic people, they are fake and false prophesies.

Newspaper clippings of Yitzhak Kaduri.

Prophecy: "As the elections in Israel, but no government is formed near the coming of the Messiah"

→ How is the situation now in Israel.

Lucia Statue.

Lucia - Devil Bride

→ The truth about Lucia.

Thanks for your support!

Do you support Apg29?

→ Then you can do so here.

Please contact Christer Åberg.

Christer Åberg

→ Please feel free to contact me!

The outlaw.

the lawless

→ Let no one deceive you in any way.

The pressure from the demonic forces is a reality.

The pressure from the demonic forces is a reality

→ Now I want to bear witness to the worst I have experienced in terms of pressure from demonic forces.


You will be saved

→ When you accept Jesus so happens that one wonders. It will be saved - it means saved.


Bible reveals antichrist

→ Antichrist is recognized by three denials.

Reinhard Boonke preach in Africa.

World Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's death

→ Millions visited his meetings and people were always saved.


Ebba Busch Thor differ

→ Can a Christian be different? 


The burden is not yours

→ Obviously well all discovered that fear, and fear is one of our hardest and enemies?

Girls at the creek.

Sanctification occurs in followers notification of Jesus

→ Sanctification and salvation or justification, is not the same.

Panic in the empty shop.

Parents outraged - Santa Claus does not exist!

→ "We were shocked!"

Demonstration against the Koran in Norway.

Koran were burned and thrown in the bin

→ In Norway, burned a Koran and two were thrown in the bin in a square meeting.

A woman who listens.

Someone who listens and bears

→ I will think of my old role models in Christ that was there during my early years as a Christian. They gave me advice and comfort, but also reprimanded.

Christer Åberg in 29 minutes.

Jesus' birth - what miracle

→ Christer Åberg talks about the birth of Jesus and sing and play in 29 minutes.

Cross on a rock in the sea and a sunrise.

Justification by grace through faith in Jesus Christ

→ Man can not make himself righteous.

Screenshot of the Day sexrubriker.

today sexrubriker

→ Which newspaper do you have these sexrubriker?

Olof Amkoff, the far right of the picture and Donald Appelfeldt to my left. Pastor Thomas Scull seen with his wife Ruby and their children: Sarah, Elizabeth and Tomasi.

In memory of a brave pastor in Cuba

→ Cuba's growing church!

Woman with a child.

Should the unwanted put to death?

→ Should I be punished by death as undesirable?

Pentecostal Church in Tannåker.

Christer Åberg in Tannåker the mid-90s

→ Who am I in the picture?

Pope elevates Mary.

Praying to Mary is unbiblical

→ The Catholic Church is very far in terms of elevation of Mary and hence also far from what the Bible says about her.

Rainbow over a road.

Jesus Christ, our only hope, the fall of man and God's plan of salvation

→ Already in 1 Genesis 3, we see how God's plan begins to take shape.

Jesus has long or short hair?

The Bible says that Jesus has short hair?

→ Often described Jesus with long hair, but that's it really about the Bible?

Attempts were made to poison US president to Donald Trump.

Attempted murder of Donald Trump

→ Trump tasters fell ill suddenly after being poisoned.

From the manger to the cross - the world's first movie about Jesus.

See the world's first film about Jesus

→ It is the only film that completely recorded in the biblical sites!

Judgment or mercy?

Want judgment or mercy? 

→ It is grace that saves no judgment. 

Destroyed houses.

God wants no persecution

→ Had God been that we would suffer persecution, then it would have probably been so instead of 1 Timothy 2: 2.

Jesus wrote in the sand.

What Jesus wrote in the sand?

→ You'll find the fascinating answer!

Children's books about yoga

→ Yoga takes school and kindergarten.

Free. Repbojorna exploded. 

Christ's righteousness comes to you

→ Listen here! Through faith in Jesus Christ we are righteous. 


SET standard

→ SET is based on encryption, digital certificates and digital signatures (corresponding signatures at regular card purchases).

Mustard seed.

Faith of a mustard seed

→ How can we participate in more belief, bigger and stronger faith? 



→ KJV now has its own website:

Christer Åberg as an emoji.


→ And some netiquette in the comments on Apg29


Bible animals

→ In the Bible, there are many animals.

Saved and free.

Today there is the world's largest revival

→ Every day, about 780 000 people to faith in Jesus!

Review: No other gods

→ Christer Åberg reviewing Per-Arne Imsens famous book No other gods.

River, greenery and mountains.

Rivers and faith source

→ The biblical material is prophetically / the Holy Spirit charged so strongly to our hearts, "should" gurgle and the hair on our heads rise.

The skyscraper that could have crumbled

→ No matter how rich someone is so "owns" he just a miserable little storage space in a computer system.

Ta emot Jesus.

Då du tar emot Jesus blir du frälst

→ När blir man frälst? - Då man tar emot Jesus!

Pentecostal pastor converted - now leaving even the Catholic Church.

The former Pentecostal pastor Michael Karlendal leave the Catholic Church

→ He converted not because of biblical conviction, but for historical reasons. Already this should be the warning lights turn red.

Children chased by zombies in the ghost town of Orebro

The Clerk: Halloween is our biggest festival

→ A death "feast" which especially affects children.

Enoch's ascension

Enoch's ascension

→ It's like with Enoch. "You saw him him no more." He just disappeared without a trace.

Anders Gärdeborn and book Mästerdirigentens works.

Will Jesus 2036?

→ But if Jesus really coming back in 2036 so it has to biblical rapture occur 2029th

Food on the plate.

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian

→ Preschool want to "save the climate" by all children to eat vegetarian.

The church will be caught up in the clouds to meet Jesus in the air.

The Assembly shall be caught up in the clouds to meet Jesus in the air

→ The Bible says that we should be caught up in the clouds. Note that it stands up. Our direction is thus up.


Join the bönekedjan

→ This week is required worshipers! 

Death penalty for homosexuals in Uganda.

Death penalty for homosexuals is unscriptural

→ They do this with reference to the Christian faith. But of course this is completely unbiblical.

IS-leader's death.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's death - becomes IS worse now?

→ Terror leader of IS has been killed in a US raid. Al-Baghdadi was a PhD in Islamic history triggered his suicide vest, killing himself and three of his children.


The prophetic city of Jerusalem

→ Every Christian should see Jerusalem from a prophetic perspective.

A man with open arms against a sunset.

The Bible says you should accept Jesus

→ All of these verses show that you should accept Jesus!

Female kayak.

Into Land

→ The destination is heaven country, we in our spirit can be glimpsed in the distance. 


Doctors documenting the healings of Jesus

→ I have collected many documented healings by a doctor who has carefully researched all this!

Love letter.

To my beloved family and friends

→ Do not believe that aliens came and took us. It's not true.

Do not blame the world if it does not want to preach about Jesus

→ It is the task of Christians to evangelize the world - not the world!


Cookies - Cookies

→ Apg29 uses cookies.

Nature picture with sky.

Being born into the kingdom of God

→ Being heavenly citizens is a wonderful thing. 

Mary Hallman.

Hall's banned from YouTube

→ Pastor pair Stefan and Mary Hallman has been banned from YouTube.

Round Earth.

The universe was created by God's word

→ They ignore the fact that in all the times that people have believed that the earth is round. Even the Bible speaks of a round earth!


Do we understand time character Israel?

→ Israel is restored as a nation and the Jews gathered back to the land.

Bankkort och dator.


→ Den så kallade Ica-banken är ingen riktig bank och kommer aldrig att bli det heller. Det samma gäller för Coops motsvarighet.

Flashes of town.

Jesus' return before the tribulation

→ At the Rapture, Jesus comes for his church when he arrives at the end of the tribulation, he comes with his congregation.


The Good Shepherd in the country Close

→ It is the absolute most painful is this, how could he ever leave SHEPHERD?

Rocket launch.

Jesus returns in 1 and 2 Thess

→ Already in the first chapter where Paul mentions the fundamental teachings of the Holy Spirit or Assembly repentance, as he mentions at the same time what will be the congregation hope and expectation, namely the return of Jesus.

The Earth and the ISS.

The belief in a flat Earth is unscriptural

→ The notion that the church in the Middle Ages believed that the earth was flat is a lie from evolutionists

Nobel Peace Prize 2019 to Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy, devout Christian, Nobel Peace Prize 2019

→ Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for achieving peace and solved the conflict with neighboring Eritrea.

General ATMs and ATMs

→ Part four of the book The cashless conspiracy by Cash Only.

Internet Troll.

You should not feed the trolls

→ Trolls want to prevent people from being saved so therefore you should never feed them.

Girl with pumpkin.

Halloween - a night full of demons

→ Facts about Halloween. Halloween is nothing more than an old pagan custom that no one should engage in, least of all a Christian. Death and evil is glorified.

The Swedish banking system

→ Part three of the book The cashless conspiracy by Cash Only.

The pastor asked.

The pastor serious prayer was not funny

→ The newspaper The day did the fun of the pastor who read the phone while he was praying.


The man who went to Hell

→ In heaven, there is consolation. It is a place of solace and refreshment. But hell is a place of torment.

Jesus is calling you

→ Christer Åberg's live program 29 minutes from the home studio in Meadow

The pastor asked.

Pastor serious prayer was not funny

→ The newspaper The day did the fun of the pastor who read the phone while he was praying.

Israeli flags.

Israel - the big time character

→ Do we have an understanding of the greatest of all time characters - Israel?


Testimony: How I experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit

→ I remember he said, "by the Spirit baptism to get power."

Credit card. 

Kontantlöshetens "Antiquity" and the earliest history

→ From the book The cashless conspiracy. In the modern sense, the idea arose to public cashless purchases in 1949.

Seven steps on the path of faith

→ Your first step on the path of faith.

The cashless conspiracy by Cash Only.

The cashless conspiracy - Foreword

→ Cash users portrayed as Small infants who do not know their own good.

Greta Thunberg in the UN.

No, Greta is not the Antichrist

→ I have been a reader email was sent to me where the writer wonders whether the 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg is the Antichrist.

Three crosses in the eye.

Focus on Jesus

→ What you win on preaching about social policy, Agenda 2030 and on climate? 

The Center Party wants to ban religious circumcision.

Circumcision is of no use

→ Circumcision can not give birth to you again, but it can be Jesus Christ. 

When Jesus bring home those who believe in him, they go instantly.

Uppryckandets transformation

→ Those who have died in Christ will come out of their graves at the trumpet. They will be transformed with us living.

Malle Lindberg fills 90 years September 29, 2019.

Malle Lindberg fills 90 years

→ See unique images and video with Malle Lindberg!

Antichrist - 666th

He was holding the Antichrist back

→ What is it that holds back the Antichrist, so that he can not emerge on the world stage until the time is right?

Aftonbladet placard September 28, 1994.

My wife traveled nor with Estonia

→ This is one of the most curious of God leads, as I have ever been through.

Testimony: How I was saved

Testimony: How I was saved

→  One day I realized that the Lord is truly risen and winner of Calvary. 

Christer Åberg in the program 29 minutes.

Give Sweden Jesus

→ 29 minutes by Christer Aberg

Jesus - humanity guarantor

Jesus - humanity guarantor

→ Jesus stood surety for a whole humanity.

The heart should reflect Jesus.

The heart should reflect Jesus

→ The world needs Christians whose hearts are burning and a mirror that reflects Jesus Christ.

Islam wants to take over in Sweden

Islam wants to take over in Sweden

→ There is a spiritual battle for our country between Christianity and Islam.

Arne Weise is dead.

Arne Weise is dead

→ Swedenborg comforter and mysfarbrorn from Donald Duck's Christmas Eve is dead.

Jesus is the only Savior

→ Christer Åberg's live broadcast 29 minutes.

Female in the Netherlands was held fixed at euthanasia.

Female in the Netherlands was held fixed at euthanasia

→ Now the physician tried in court and acquitted the applåders cheers in the courtroom.

If you want to witness to Jesus on Apg29?

→ Submit your testimony, written, video or audio file.

Christer Åberg with his ukulele in the live program 29 minutes.

Rescued from the sea of ​​sin

→ Christer Åberg's live program 29 minutes in which he sings, plays the ukelele and talking about Jesus.

So I was baptized in the Spirit

→ Christer Åberg tells of her live broadcast how he became Spirit Christening

Season start: A country born in pain

Season start in Heaven TV7: A country born in pain

→ "If Israel had been the Holocaust not happened."

A girl wearing a veil - veil is a confession to Islam

The veil is a confession to Islam

→ The veil and garments testify that they are Muslims.

When will Jesus? - Holger Nilsson

→ Holger Nilsson presents his new book "When Will Jesus?" and talks on the subject.

David Wilkerson about the faith movement.

David Wilkerson about the faith movement

→ "A pastor said, It has gone so far, that one day, an evangelist stand up and say, I have received a revelation from the Lord, it is time to start worshiping Mary. It will go the point where."

Fishermen hold the balance.

Does Christians no counterweight against evil in society?

→ The authorities have been forced to close prisons, and even RIVA prisons, people have been fashioned by Jesus transformed their lives.

Christer Åberg in 29 minutes tells about his baptism.

So I was baptized

→ Christer Åberg talks about how it was when he was baptized

Sanctification is to become more like Jesus!

What is sanctification?

→ Sanctification is to become more like Jesus!

Brazilian President Bolsonaro want to ban gender ideology in schools.

Brazilian President Bolsonaro want to ban gender ideology in schools

→ School children should be protected from gender ideology, writes the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro on Twitter.

<font style=Stephen Hall's book My mother has gone.">

My mom has stuck

Stefan Hallman's amazing book!

Christer Åberg.

A new start for Apg29

In time for the 18th anniversary I start completely on the popular site!

Christer Åberg in the webcast 29 minutes.

So I was saved

Christer Åberg's testimony of how Jesus saved him.



Stor intervju med Christer Åberg i tidningen Världen idag. "Gud bar Christer efter höggravida fruns död." Både text och video!

Nyhetsbrevet - prenumerera gratis!

Senaste live på Youtube

Direkt med Christer Åberg - Apg29.Nu

Dagens datum

V 02, söndag 17 januari 2021 kl 01:56

Dagens namn

Anton, Tony

Dagens bibelord

“[Köttets gärningar och Andens frukt] Vad jag vill säga är detta: vandra i Anden, så gör ni inte vad köttet begär.” (Galatians 5:16)

Dagens bön

Fader möt var och en idag och omslut dem på alla sidor. Möt också Anton och Tony. Tack för din stora kärlek och nåd som du har visat oss genom din Son Jesus kristus. Amen.

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son [Jesus], to every one that believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life." - 3:16

"But as many as  received  Him [Jesus], to them He gave the right to become children of God, to them that believe on his name." - John 1:12

"That if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." - Rome 10: 9

Want to get saved and get all your sins forgiven? Pray this prayer:

- Jesus, I receive you now and confess you as Lord. I believe that God raised you from the dead. Thank you that I am now saved. Thank you that you have forgiven me and thank you that I am now a child of God. Amen.

Did you receive Jesus in prayer above?

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lördag 16 januari 2021 22:56
Fortsätt be för min man med prostatacancer Väntar väntar väntar Herre på bönesvar Be med mig, ber jag till någon eller några som känner de skall be med mig Jesus hör oss🙏

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